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3 April 1972
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To email me send an email to: mylj (at) g y p s y (dot) o r g

I like to play games on http://www.ItsYourTurn.com
my handle there is Gypsy2012

also see:

Oh, and I'm a clown....

On Lensmoor I was Jvar/Jvahr

On Isca: Gypsy

on Yahoo Games: Hightekvagabond
(Spades, Backgammon, and Go are my favorites)

oh, and this is what I look like in case you don't know:

If I refference "church" in my journal don't be fooled, I'm not an X-tain, I identify best as Neo-Pagan but have chosen to join a community of Universalist-Unitarians called FUC: http://www.firstuniv.org

I've been getting into photography a lot lately, here is my Flickr account:

If you have a problem with my spelling and grammar...

Some key points to understanding the things happening my in my journal:

FSU1/FSU2: If I mention FSU1 or FSU2 in my journal I'm reffering to "Former Spousal Unit" numbers 1 and 2... yes, thats right, I'm twice divorced, and never to be married again. :P
[FSU1 is also sometimes reffered to as my daughter's mother, Jess, or Jessica]
[FSU1 is sometimes reffered to as Arica, or Pixie]

If I reffer to a nebulous she or her or randomly reffer to "we" in my journal chances are I'm talking about my daughter.

I have a few filters that people have to ask to get on:

1) KissNTell - Too many times I've been ready to burst about things happening in my love live and have felt the need to show discretion. So, this filter is the place where I don't need to show discretion and can share the gory details. To get on this list you need to ask, and be prepared for me to tell you no and don't take offense if I do. Comment here To get on it

2) myJourney - Again, you need to ask to get on this Filter. It is here for me to vent my self analysis and introspective looks. I have issues with feeling like I'm whining when I talk about this stuff and I don't want to be that person. Most of these posts are for ME not you, but I'm willing to share them with those who are very close to me. It will give you a side of me that you may or may not want to know. Comment here To get on it

3) Friends - It will continue to contain my day to day activities. Comment here To get on it

4) SG Descendant - This is the name of a Movie I'm very serious about producing in the next couple years, I'm not giving the concept in public, but I'm going to start brainstorming into this filter because I'm hoping to have a script written within the next 6 months. People who want to be part of that brain storming process can ask to be added to this filter. If you are not a fan of the world created by the StarGate franchise then you will not get many of the references. Comment Here for access.

5) Business Ideas - One Gift/Curse I have is business ideas, I look around me all the time and see all these businesses I should start because they'd do well. I don't have time to do them all and I've been recording them to date by creating virtual servers on my server for the websites for those businesses and then putting notes in there on them. Instead I'm going to start recording them here. This one will require having my trust to get on the filter because I'm very protective of my intellectual property. Comment Here for access.

6) Quintessential - Where as my primary relationship in my life is with my daughter, the second most important relationship in my life seems to be my business, it eats a lot of my time and energy. I've not been recording the goings on here or thoughts... I'm going to start doing that... this includes my partnerships and whats going on with them... I'm mostly doing this for me, I don't expect any of you want on this filter.Comment Here for access.

7) Public - Is for random thoughts and day to days that I don't care if the world knows about... no request required, everyone is on this filter... you are all public somehow.

Lastly, if you are my friend, if you love me, then I have a request... one thing with which you can help me... It is defined here: http://hightekvagabond.livejournal.com/189198.html