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25 March 2017 @ 09:49 am
leaving for others  
I knew when I first met her she'd leave me for someone else.
I told her.
She told me I was crazy.
I told her it was her patern.
She had no answer.

The problem here is perspective. When I used to say she'd leave me for someone else to me that meant that some day she'd find someone better than me that was worth more than me and she would basically take the upgrade. Thats what I saw had happen when she left the last one for me. I watched her break him in front of me like a sad farmer from a Kenny Rogers song almost in tears and she talked with me in a bowling alley.

But, I never really got it, now that she has found love elsewhere she has the strength to leave me. It is not about him, it's about me, all she needed was someone other than me to be there for her so she could draw on his affections to feel empowered to tell me that she is done. She has probably been done for a very long time and just biding her time until she could find someone to lean on to help her leave me.

Yes, she left me for him, and it confused me because I didn't see how he was better than me, it wasn't until I realized he was better than me because he treated her well and he just wasn't me that I got it.

She didn't leave me for him, he just enabled her to do what she had wanted to do for so very long.

I was right, for the wrong reasons, and being right for so long is part of what made me right.