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09 June 2010 @ 03:47 pm

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My sushi push up pops have arrived!
08 June 2010 @ 04:51 pm
First, let me apologize to those few friends who actually read this journal and let you all know that I was not devoured by secret goblins hiding in my bedroom closet in one of their heathen rituals. I've been around... mostly goofing on facebook with what little free time I have though.

So, first off Mr "Being a Geek" on facebook posted about an artist coming to town named Marian Call so I took Raven, Xena, Mick, and Paul to see her. It was a really pleasant discovery. Bought two of her albums on the spot and the third when I got home. Learned the music and decided I'd go catch her now that I knew the music.

So, Last Thursday afternoon Mick and I hopped in the car and headed out to Des Moines. But, since I'd be coming past Albert Lea on the way back I called that mechanic down there that had replaced the transmission on my van and paid him what was left on that bill and told him to leave the keys in the van.

Had fun with Marian Call, even in a local pub with her after. Then ended up stuck in torrential rain all the way back as far as Albert Lea. Now, just to keep things straight, I'd rather drive through a blinding snow storm then a rain storm, I just hate rain. Every serious accent I've ever been in was rain. So, I was exhausted by the time we hit Albert Lea. Grabbed the van, grabbed clothes at Wal-Mart, and grabbed a hotel.

The Next morning Mick and I grabbed breakfast, she took the van, I took the cavalier and we started heading to the cities... We got 5 miles before the van died. She thought it was the transmission but when I tried to start it there was no juice at all. So, called Mister-Jeff-The-Mechanic who eventually came out (after a state trooper stopped and chastised me for having flipped my car around the other way on the shoulder of a busy high way to try to jump the van). He hooked up a new battery and still couldn't jump it. So, he muttered something about having told his guy to check the alternator but that he hadn't done so himself so wasn't sure about it and called the tow truck again.

So, morning lost... Mick and I are off in the Cavalier for the cities. Drop her straight to work but now I have a different problem. It turns out that it was beyond the resources of FSU1 to send $12 and 4 hamburger patties with the short person to school that morning and she had her last day of school type field trip. I called Aja and asked her to run some burgers from my fridge up to the school but she didn't get there before they left and it turns out they went way the hell out into BFE for it. So, when I got home I loaded up the burgers on my motorcycle and blasted head first into crazy cross winds bringing them out to her. Yeah, she'd of had no lunch without that trip (but I'd wished I'd stuck with the cavalier). I hung out for a while.

Then I found out that my insurance guy didn't have the certificate my office building needed to prove I had the insurance I needed to have people in the conference room, and that my subcontractors for this most recent project had failed to turn in the stuff they were supposed to email me the night before... so I spent the afternoon trying to deal with those things.

The end result of all these crazy things means that Friday was a complete wash. No contract hours, no work on my own projects, just a bunch of random crap to do that has no fiscal return. I hate wasted days like that.

Mister-Jeff-The-Mechanic (my new nemesis) called while I was bringing Child-o-mine to last day of 6th grade celebratory ice cream to tell me that I needed an alternator and that including the tow I'd owe him $300 to do that and asked if I wanted to do that. Lets see Jeff.... $2k in front end parts last August, then it was hardly driven until Nov when that dog blew the motor (dogs shouldn't drive) which cost me $1500, then it dropped it's trannie three days later and sat with you since then when you charged me $1600 for the trannie.... my answer was "I've got too many chips in this pot not to take that bet"....This has become a very expensive $700 van. But, there is just not much left to go wrong with it, god help me if someone crashes into it and totals it, I'll murder them because no insurance company will give me what I have into it.

So, then Sunday we are sitting all out front having a birthday picnic for Aja having a happy day, then Paul looks up and says "Aren't those our bikes and Chimneya". Sure enough, there was a truck pulling a trailer down the street with two bikes and a chimneya from our back yard in the back of it. They called the cops and I chased them down. Once all was said and done the cops said that these guys were 1) drunk (so the driver was arrested for DWI), and 2) thieves where were going up and down the alley taking anything they could scrap.

Really, you just can't make this stuff up.

Bike is back in the shop, but that is because I've known for a while the chain was going and weather report said this week would be rainy so I knew I wouldn't cry to much for not having it. And after almost a year I finally have the rails on 3 walls in my office to hang shelves which means that real soon I will be surrounded on 3 sides by computer books floor to ceiling and they will be out of my garage.

Oh, and I've pulled my own team for the 48hour Film Project this year which will spring board my new movie production company "Respect The Thing Productions"

So, lots of crazyness, a little productivity... two steps forward... one step back... and keep trucking on....

But I'm still alive.
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27 May 2010 @ 07:57 pm

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Drunk Driver... she blew a .211

Came up the alley (it was a hill), jumped her truck into the street, bounced, landed her front bumper on the trunk of the white car, gunned it and ran up the side. Then tried to back off and just spun her tires.

This was 25 feet from my front door and there were kids riding bikes on that street 5 minutes before it happened.

This is a neighbor who lives just a couple doors down, needless to say those of us with children are not all that fond of her.

She was drunk off her ass and driving 4 blocks away for cigarettes.
27 May 2010 @ 12:02 am

Me and Marian Call
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Tonight we went to see Marian Call at Dunn Brothers in Roseville.

She was fabulous, if you get a chance to see her on her tour you should.

Check the web site: http://www.MarianCall.com
24 May 2010 @ 09:47 pm

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Raven wanted purple hair, so I said ok, and we both got purple hair together.
21 May 2010 @ 05:47 pm

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19 May 2010 @ 07:33 pm

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Paul put a hammock in the yard....this is the view from the hammock
11 May 2010 @ 12:53 pm

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04 May 2010 @ 08:07 pm

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Raven as an ompa loompa
03 May 2010 @ 11:30 pm
So, my car has a bad valve cover gasket. Which means it dumps oil constantly.

So, I go to Valvoline and get oil changes there where top offs are free until my bike gets back from the shop so I can do without the car to get the gasket replaced. Seems like a good option right?

Well, the down side is that it's spraying oil all over itself, so the serpentine belt was covered in oil too. It's been getting hot a lot and I thought that was because the oil was getting low. So I scheduled to go to the shop tomorrow to get it fixed. I'm guessing the oily belt has been slipping and it wasn't pushing the water pump and that is why it was hot. This is relevant to the next part.

Seventeen years ago FSU1 got a cat, I thought she should name him "Center Stage" because he always liked to be in the middle of everyone's attention. She named him Kissyfur and sometimes called him "Boo Boo". She called me earlier today to say he has Intestinal Cancer. She thought he'd go this morning, but then the vet said he had 3 weeks.

So, then this evening while child-o-mine is in her first ever Aikdo class FSU calls me crying. I know before she talks what is coming next and I'm walking towards the door before she is done talking. Walking away from the conversation I was having with a confidant about feeling broken because I can't seem to keep my mind in the place I want it anymore.

As I race towards 169 I realize by the address that I'm about to go the wrong direction so I yank my wheel hard left and U turn to catch the exit south instead of north... all the sudden my steering is acting funny, the battery light comes on, and the thermostat is rising fast. I make it to the next exit and pull off with the thermostat in the red and the clicking sound of radiator fluid boiling over. As I pop the hood I see that the serpentine belt has come off.

So, Called Aja who came and got me in Paul's truck, brought her back up to the exit near the house where she walked home, then went clear across town to get Raven to take her to the emergency vet where the cat is. But, the cat was put down before we could get there, he was in too much pain, they couldn't wait.

This meant I got to watch my daughter sit in her martial arts uniform cuddling the corpse of a dead cat who had been there all her life for have an hour while I tried to comfort her.

Death is such a strange thing, you'd think I'd be used to it by now, but I'm not. How do you respond when your child who you know knows it's fruitless to wish her cat would get up and go out with her?

My opinion is that her evening was better spent with the parent with the connection to animal that passed so I left her in her mother's arms both crying.

So, then I called a tow truck and got dropped at my car and waited an hour and a half for him to arrive. Brought a book with which was a series of interviews with the Dali Lama about happiness. After a while I just couldn't stomach having the Dali Lama tell me that negative emotions were destructive and I should just choose to stop having them, so I gave up on the book for a while. Look up and the building I'm in front of says "Cloud 9" on it... great... whatever.

He was a good cat. One of three cats I'd ever know of that I cared about at all.

Eventually the tow truck came... $97 to take the car 1.7 miles.

I've told the child she doesn't have to go to school tomorrow.

I've canceled my appointments.

We are buying a new valve cover gasket, and serpentine belt and a Chilton manual.

We are going to fix the car together while we wait for the call to get the bike back (since it's been in the shop for nearly a week) and together we will grieve this day.
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